Gum Disease

Gum Disease

Gum disease is caused by bacteria. When the gums are inflamed bacteria from the mouth are getting into the bloodstream. This leads to an increased risk for the following serious health problems:

Heart Disease:  Bacteria from the mouth can clump into platelets. These bacteria can lodge into the walls of the blood vessels causing heart stopping clots to form.  These clots are what leads to heart disease.

Diabetes: The presence of any gum disease can make it much more difficult for a diabetic to control their blood sugar.

Stroke: Studies show that people with long standing gum disease are more likely to have strokes.

Lungs: The bacteria that collect in your mouth when disease is present are the same bacteria that can cause pneumonia and other respiratory diseases.  Keeping your mouth clean can reduce your risk for developing chronic lung problems.

Pre-Term Births: Women with gum disease  are seven to eight times more likely to give birth premataturely to low birth weight babies.  Researchers believe that gum disease causes the body to release inflammatory chemicals which are linked to pre-term birth.



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