OraVerse Injection

If you are one of the many patients that dislike the lingering numbness from local anesthesia, OraVerse may be just the right solution for you. OraVerse is administered by the dentist immediately following a procedure, allowing for a return to normal sensation in about half the time. The average duration of soft tissue numbness following the use of local dental anesthetic is generally 3 to 5 hours.

OraVerse rapidly reverses the effects of local dental anesthetic after routine dental procedures. It is scientifically proven to accelerate the return of normal sensation in the lip and tongue, a return of function (such as speaking, smiling and drinking) and allows you to get back to your day.

Ask Dr. Wolff or one of our clinicians if OraVerse is right for you. OraVerse has proven safe and effective for adults and children aged 6 and older and weighing more that 33 lbs. OraVerse has been proven safe and effective in nationwide clinical trials.


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